Yamaha Marine Creates Device to Prevent Marine Pollution


In a partnership with Clearwater Mills, Yamaha Marine is creating a device that picks up trash and plastic in efforts to reduce and prevent marine pollution. The land-based and electrically operated device, derived from Clearwater Mills’ popular Mr. Trash Wheel, will debut in 2020. 

The original Mr. Trash Wheel is moored, buoyant and has, to date, prevented 1,200 tons of debris from entering the Baltimore Harbor. 

“If we can make this pilot project work, we will have created something we can use to keep debris out of marshlands, coastal waterways and off the beaches all along the Atlantic Coast,” says John Kellett, president of Clearwater Mills.

The device is part of Yamaha’s Rightwaters sustainability campaign, a national program focused on water conservation, habitat restoration and projects to reduce marine debris.

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