Torqeedo Unveils Ultralight 403 C


The new Torqeedo Ultralight 403 C is a must-have accessory for the serious kayak explorer. The Ultralight 403 C is a longer-running version of the company's smallest electric motor (the Ultralight 403). The 403 C runs on an integrated lithium battery, easing any fears of running out of juice.

The Ultralight 403 C is designed to propel small craft, such as kayaks, canoes and light boats. The motor is just 22 pounds and comes with a folding solar panel for additional charging. The 403 C can power a small craft at 6 mph and at a range of more than 75 miles at 2.6 mph.

Explorers will be pleased to hear that the Ultralight 403 C also comes standard with GPS and a digital display. The display shows power consumption, battery power and remaining range. The TorqTrac app can display this motor information on a smartphone as well. Kayakers can also charge up their phones with the motor’s USB socket.

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