Yanmar Introduces Wheeebo, Your New Favorite Summer Water Activity!


A new Yanmar marine device will give you hours of fun on the water. The Wheeebo (yes, three "e"s) can be enjoyed by kids around 10 and up on relatively calm waters. A handheld remote controls the two acceleration modes (up to about walking speed) the device’s electric motor allows. The motor is powered by a nickel-hydrogen battery that lasts one hour on one charge.

Just like a skateboard, the direction is controlled by the rider swaying their body weight toward the side of the craft they want to go.

Board sensors detect the direction and adjust the propeller mounted under the board. While the Wheeebo has a simple intuitive operation, a moderate amount of skill is required for mastery, making the Wheeebo an easy entrance for a wide range of users to experience the excitement of marine activities.

Check out the video below to see how the saucer works!

To learn more about the device, visit

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