Shurhold Snap-Stick Frees Sticky Zippers


Sometimes it's the smallest inconveniences on the boat that become the most annoying — such as sticky zippers. Unfortunately, the mix of water, grime and natural elements that come with boating don’t do any favors to zippers. Fortunately, Shurhold's Snap-Stick has an easy solution to this pesky boating problem.

The Snap-Stick uses a solid, wax-like formula to free up even the stickiest zippers. The product comes in a chapstick-like tube. Boaters simply dap Snap-Stick on the male side of the zipper, as well as the fastener, and run the zipper open and closed a few times. One application of Snap Stick should lead to three months of smooth zipping.

Snap-Stick is unscented, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is formulated to not harm boat fabric, gelcoat, metal or plastic. A 0.45 oz tube of Snap-Stick goes for $6.48.

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