Great Lakes News

Great Lakes News

Shepler’s Ferry and Moran Iron Works Partner on Jet-Driven Boat


Mackinac Island visitors will be able to ride aboard an all-new, $4 million jet-driven ferry in 2020. Moran Iron Works will be manufacturing the vessel, making this the second time Shepler’s and Moran have joined forces. Moran built the Miss Margy ferry back in 2015, named after Bill Shepler’s mom, Margaret.

Instead of propellers, the new boat will have jet drives, supplied by HamiltonJet of New Zealand. This will be the first fast-ferry application of the jets in the Great Lakes and the first use of the new Advanced Vessel Control System in the U.S. The new 210-passenger boat will be wheelchair accessible and have a large aft deck for luggage, bikes and strollers.

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