Oshki T-shirts Made From Lake Michigan Plastic Waste


Muskegon teen Jackson Riegler was inspired at the age of 17 to create a company that helped the Great Lakes and local wildlife. In 2017, the clothing company Oshki was born.

The name means “fresh” in Ojibwe, a Midwest Native American tribe. Since its beginning, the company has donated 5% of its profits to causes helping preserve the Great Lakes. This year the 1:1 clothing line was launched.

According to the website, the name 1:1 was decided because, “By 2050, the ratio between fish and plastic in Earth's waterways is predicted to be 1:1. We are committed to ending this possibility by rethinking how plastic waste is used.”

The shirts are made using plastic found in the Great Lakes and other U.S. waterways (about 6 plastic bottles worth), recycled polyester and cotton. The unisex shirts come in sizes small to extra large and cost $29. To order one and find out more about Oshki, visit

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