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Join Erie Hack 2.0 Competition


n efforts to combat some of the environmental problems Lake Erie faces — from toxic algal blooms to plastic pollution — Erie Hack returns for some friendly competition and high-ticket prizes. The competition runs from February 7 to June 20. 

This is the second year that the Cleveland Water Alliance is hosting the data and engineering contest, offering $100,000 in prizes for the most creative and effective “hacks.” Erie Hack 2.0 is calling for coders, developers, engineers and water experts to get creative on solving the seven core challenges, including “Connect Communities to the Value of Water,” “Cultivate Resilience in Water Infrastructure Systems” and “Manage Aging Water Infrastructure Systems.”
In addition to these seven challenges, Erie Hack 2.0 also has 13 mini-challenges for teams to tackle, including create a stormwater mapping tool; find ways to reduce or reuse plastic waste, and develop a harmful algae toxin analysis. 

Last year’s event generated more than 40 innovative solutions to water challenges and engaged more than 100 partner organizations. 

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