Intrepid 375 Nomad Premiers at Palm Beach International Boat Show


At last month’s Palm Beach International Boat Show, attendees got the first look at the new Intrepid Powerboats 375 Nomad, the newest vessel in the company’s lineup. The 37-foot, 6-inch model has two options for a center console, with either a composite T-top full-height wraparound glass windshield or a composite T-top with side entry.

"To create the 375 Nomad, we started with the deck layout of our recently-introduced 345 Nomad and added additional length to integrate customer-favorite features from other Intrepid models," says Ken Clinton, president of Intrepid Powerboats. "Our customers play a big part in helping us make every new Intrepid model even better than the last. Each Intrepid is built in collaboration with one customer at a time. We incorporate their ideas and desires as we go, and their feedback fuels our constant design evolution."

The Intrepid 375 has all the features of the new 345 Nomad but more. It has integrated wells that can be used as insulated coolers or rigged as baitwells in the forward lounge seating, which you’ll also find on the 375 CC. From the 407 Panacea, it borrows the versatility of the hi-low actuating table that adjusts to three different settings; it can sit flush with the cockpit for more walking room, become a filler for more space to lounge in the forward seating, or raise to a full height table.

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