Hinckley Reveals Sport Boat Series


The Hinckley Company has unveiled a new performance brand and two new high performance boats: The Sport Boat and Sport Boat Center Cabin. The Sport Boats are the world’s first carbon epoxy performance boats in production.

“This is one of our most important product introductions in years,” says Pete Saladino, chief marketing officer at Hinckley. “For nearly 25 years, we have been vacuum-infusing resin into layers of carbon fiber and Kevlar spanning the full length of our yachts. We are now bringing our design refinement and unparalleled level of boatbuilding expertise to performance boats.” 

The 40-foot Sport Boat features a modern hull designed by the legendary Ray Hunt and impressive 60-plus mph speeds. Optional twin 627-hp outboards from Seven Marine will allow the Sport Boat to reach 63 mph. The first Sport Boat will launch July 2018.

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