BoatUS Launches a New Online Class


Boaters can take the “Cruising Boats and Systems” class on BoatUS’s website thanks to a partnership between America’s Boating Club, the United States Power Squadrons and the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water.

The two-hour course allows students to choose a boat before they begin. Then it informs them about the “boat’s mechanical and electrical systems, navigation systems and safety gear, anchoring and electronic communications,” with quizzes along the way.

“There is no single boat that’s perfect for cruising,” says Amanda Suttles Pérez, BoatUS Foundation’s director of education. “We’ll help you look at what you may want to consider for a cruising boat and how to address your specific type of cruising needs. We’ll also show you everything you’ll need to have a fun, stress-free multi-day cruise.”

Other courses on the site are also available. The “Cruising Boats and Systems” is available now for $19.95 by entering the code “CRUISING” at checkout. Normally it is $30. To learn more, visit

Photo courtesy of BoatUS.

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