Big Bumper Company Inflatable Boat Bumpers


Need a bumper for rafting up? How about a really big one that inflates? The Big Bumper Company has announced its new bumper solution for quick tie-ups to other boats on the lake.

These bumpers, made of reinforced PVC, quickly inflate/deflate in less than 30 seconds and easily stow away onboard. 

The bumpers are available in two sizes, 2 and 4 feet long, and in 18- or 24-inch diameters. The Big Bumpers can be used vertically or horizontally, and can be attached to many boat types, from ski boats to pontoons! The bumpers are available in black and grey and can also be customized.

If you need a bumper for your dock, the Big Bumper Company also has 6- and 12-foot bumpers. 

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