Great Lakes News

Great Lakes News

A Great Lakes Monthly Series Premieres April 30


Starting April 30 at 7:30 p.m., a show centered on issues affecting the Great Lakes and the surrounding land will premiere on Detroit Public TV (DPTV) and subsequent last Tuesdays of every month. Great Lakes Now is made possible through a community of different PBS stations and DPTV’s Great Lakes Now bureau and filmed on-site.

Environmental, economic and political issues will be explored in the 30-minute features.

“[The Great Lakes] provide a common heritage and perhaps shape our character more than any other factor,” says Rich Homberg, the president and CEO of DPTV. “Through this new monthly program, DPTV and partner PBS stations will provide unparalleled coverage of the issues of water quality and sustainability that people in this region passionately care about.”

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Photo Courtesy of Great Lakes Now.