Incredible Port Credit Port Credit, Ontario
Incredible Port Credit
With great restaurants, amenities and more, Ontario’s salmon capital is a top boating destination — and just an hour west of Toronto

All over the world, hidden gems await discovery, often camouflaged in plain sight by their proximity to something larger and glitzier. And for decades, so it was for Port Credit, Ontario — a quiet and peaceful community on the north shore of Lake Ontario. While nearby Toronto stole the lim...

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Center of the Freshwater World St. Ignace, Michigan
Center of the Freshwater World
The quaint Upper Peninsula community of St. Ignace, Michigan offers visiting boaters a world of delights, no matter the season.

For months, I kept my sticker proclaiming “I climbed Castle Rock” on a wall next to my desk, glancing over now and then for a sure smile. It’s not like the feat was akin to climbing Mt. Everest, walking those 170 steps to the top of a 200-foot natural rock column just north of the ...

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Cinderella of the Pacific Ensenada and Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Cinderella of the Pacific
Ensenada, in Mexico’s Baja California, provides Great Lakes boaters with an exotic escape during the cold winter months.

Summer passes quickly in northern climates. All too soon, ice has locked up the Great Lakes, and boats sit in storage buildings and under shrink wrap, waiting for spring. That’s not all bad news, however. The offseason can provide valuable opportunities to travel and discover new boating...

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Explore the Door Door County, Wisconsin
Explore the Door
A peninsula circumnavigation unlocks the many treasures of Wisconsin’s Door County.

A former editor of mine used to call it the Proximity-Aversion Theory. When you live in a beautiful place that many people choose for vacationing, you tend to not visit the major attractions or enjoy the highlights yourself. Maybe you figure you’ll get around to it eventually. In our case...

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Almost Perfect Erie and Presque Isle, Pennsylvania
Almost Perfect
Erie, Pennsylvania and adjacent Presque Isle State Park offer visiting boaters the ideal setting for a year-round getaway.

The term “Presque Isle” is French, meaning “almost an island.” But when we’re talking about the 4.6-mile-long sand spit that fronts the shoreline of Erie, Pennsylvania, the name “Presque Isle” could really mean “almost perfect.” Created by t...

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One Town, Two Countries Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and Ontario
One Town, Two Countries
The twin communities of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario offer visiting boaters the best of both countries.

I’m meandering along Dock 1, en route to the Soo Locks Boat Tours’ Le Voyageur, when a muskrat swims past and darts playfully under the slats. This would be fun as just an isolated wildlife moment, but this day, in this spot, it feels like serendipity. My friend and I look ...

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Cruising Back in Time Rideau Canal, Ontario
Cruising Back in Time
The Rideau Canal takes boaters on a 125-mile journey through eastern Ontario and the history of Canada’s capital city — and beyond.

It’s hard to believe that a war is responsible for the wondrous waterway flowing through eastern Ontario called the Rideau Canal. Today, the Rideau offers boaters a peaceful cruise through its storied history. It’s a voyage back in time, with stops at its lock stations and charm...

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A Coastal Haven Grand Haven, Michigan
A Coastal Haven
Michigan’s Grand Haven is a historic beach town, luring boaters with miles of shoreline, rolling dunes and clear, blue waters.

A historic downtown filled with lovely shops, outdoor cafés and glorious beachfront, Grand Haven is often called the “Michigan Riviera.” Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Grand Haven is the only city officially designated “Coast Guard City USA.” Feat...

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A Tale of Two Cities Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin
A Tale of Two Cities
The ports of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin boast rich maritime history that gives way to modern-day cruising and trailering destinations for generations young and old to enjoy.

When I think of growing up in the early 1980s in rural Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, certain memories stand out. The bustle of the boat landing during the smelt run. Begging for five- and ten-penny candies at the neighborhood tavern. Heading to the Penguin Drive-In in the city of Manitowoc ...

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A River Runs To It Clayton, NY
A River Runs To It
The Upstate New York coastal community of Clayton is the “Antique Boat Capital” of the Great Lakes, gateway to the world-famous Thousand Islands, and home to the best history, culture and scenery the region has to offer.

What Clayton, New York lacks in population it more than makes up for in history, culture and natural beauty. This picturesque village of 2,000 is perched atop a peninsula on the mighty St. Lawrence River, along the world-famous Thousand Islands. Its harbor is home to ships, yachts, St. Lawrence ...

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