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Robert Braithwaite, Sunseeker’s Founder, Passes Away
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Robert Braithwaite, Sunseeker’s Founder, Passes Away


Sunseeker’s founder, Robert Braithwaite, sadly passed away in March. “Braithwaite was an inspiration to everyone at Sunseeker and to the wider marine industry, recognized as a boating pioneer, a true visionary and someone who changed the face of boating forever,” says Christi.... Read More

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Unwind in Benzie County

Unwind in Benzie County

Frankfort, Michigan

For some 38 years, Ronn Beyette has worked at or around the entrance to the Frankfort, Michigan, harbor as a charter fishing captain, yacht captain and harbormaster. He’s seen more than a thousand sunsets over the Frankfort breakwater lighthouse, caught steelhead and trout, and watched bald eagles swoop over the bay. He was even around when a History Channel crew searched for gold bars that may (or may not) lie at the bottom of the harbor in rail cars. That search will be featured in the upcoming season of “The Curse of Civil War Gold.” The harbor was once a commercial center when railroad cars and passenger steamships ferried to and from this port, Beyette notes, and while its draw is more recreational than commercial now, it’s still a boating destination that’s hard to top. It’s also a treasure by any definition. “The thing about Frankfort is it’s a deepwater port and the proximity of the marina to the city is perfect,” Beyette says. “Boaters can walk to restaurants, the beach and other businesses.” A harbor with a past If you’d have fixed a History Channel camera on the harbor throughout.....

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