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MasterCraft Acquires NauticStar

MasterCraft Acquires NauticStar


MasterCraft has acquired NauticStar, LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of 18- to 28-foot bay boats, deck boats and offshore center console boats. This acquisition launches MasterCraft into the saltwater fishing and outboard propulsion segment. For more information, visit nauticstarbo.... Read More

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Lazy Days in Port Stanley

Lazy Days in Port Stanley

Port Stanley, Ontario

There are beautiful landscapes and lakeshores elsewhere. Other Great Lakes ports are rivals in terms of attractions. But nowhere else will you find so many enchanting scenes and engrossing attractions in one small port package, where the past and present meld, as in Port Stanley, Ontario. Port Stanley is a small lakeside town with a big story to tell. At one point, it was a railway terminal and the site of one of the Great Lakes’ most popular amusement parks. Today, it’s still a working fishing port — one of the last on the north shore of Lake Erie. Port Stanley wears its maritime heritage proudly on its sleeve. Though the community has evolved over the past two centuries, one thing remains consistent: Port Stanley is a thriving port, even if the vessels that huddle within its harbor today are far smaller than in years past. Historic harbor The estuary where Kettle Creek enters Lake Erie was recognized as a fine natural harbor as early as 1801. After a wagon-road to London, Ontario opened in 1822, a community began to develop, creating a port through which grain and lumber flowed. A year later, the growing community was named Port Stanle.....

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Azimut 50 Fly (Galley up configuration)

Azimut 50 Fly (Galley up configuration)


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